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Tim Sherburn leaving London with
part of the Ferguson Collection

I was introduced to the hobby of mineral collecting in 1981 by Cal and Kerith Graeber. I began my training working part-time for Bill Larson of Pala International in the mid-80's cleaning material from the Himalaya Mine. The last ten years I have spent learning from and working with Cal.

Last year I assisted John Veevaert of Trinity Minerals and Rob Lavinsky of The Arkenstone in the aquisition and cleaning of the Robert Ferguson Collection (in storage since the 1840's) which has been on their web-sites for the past year. In the past, I have only preformed this work for dealers and friends. They have all encouraged me to see if others would be interested in my services.

I can be contacted at or by phone at (760)726-8997

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Tim Sherburn

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